Dend crumenatum

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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
This was my nemesis. I have tried to bloom this one for years. Irma coached me with this species and I failed miserably trying to trick it into blooming. It may not have been mature enough. I finally succeeded last fall but being the flowers are short lived, I missed it blooming :rolleyes:

Den. crumenatum, is also known as the pigeon orchid. Exactly 9 days after a 10 degree (F) drop in temperature, the plant is in full bloom with the most intensely fragrant white blooms that resemble little doves in flight. Unfortunately, the blooms last only one day.


lovely! and only for one day, making it all the more special.

Is 9 days after the 10 degree drop when it always blooms?
this is practically a weed in Malaysia... it grows on almost any old tree in large masses... after heavy rain (the sudden drop in temperature), the flowers develop and bloom 9 days after... Btw, how many flowers did yours have, Ron-NY? I have a plant which gives 50-60 flowers at once when in full bloom... it does bloom at other times too...but much less...

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