delenatii x parvi primaries blooming on small growths?

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Jun 7, 2006
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Richmond, VA
I just realized that I have two delenatii hybrids (Joyce Hasegawa and Lynleigh Koopowitz) in sheath on very small growths. Each situation is virtually the same: one nice-sized previously bloomed growth and then a new growth with one "normal" sized leaf, one smaller leaf, and then a sheath. This happened a year ago with my delenatii x vietnamense, as well. Any idea what causes this?
My guess maybe, the plants are older now & have all the older growths behind to provide food, so they don't need to grow as many leaves in new growths.
I've found this to be true as well. My multi-growth delenatii had just two leaves recently and I was surprised to see a sheath appear quickly. The theory is that a plant blooms when it can, so I guess its due to suitable or more than suitable culture.
i have seen this sometimes too. its funny you mentioned this as ive recently witnessed it on ho chi minh's and lynleigh koopowitz's, i had wondered if it was a pesticide damage or od of some sort. maybe it is good culture?
I got that from time to time as well, on straight delenatii most of the time. I do not like when it happens, because the growth looks ugly. I think it is a stress that induce the flowering maybe. On the other side, I have a hangianum that blooms for the last 3 years every year, 1 8cm leaf, 1 35 cm leaf, and bloom. Plant looks damn crazy ( but the flower is very beautiful, that's why I keep t...)
Just my 2 cents worth... I've no experience with delenatii x parvi primaries, but this happens a lot with niveum... I think its because I grow it on the bright side. It produces 2 or 3 short leaves on a growth and then spikes. Btw, I have seen in-situ pics of bellatulum flowering on growths that only have about 3 leaves each.. Could the same reason cause this? Thanks...
Can I just say, it happens to me a lot.

I have a vietnamense x micranthum and just before the sheath develops the last leaf is small. I have a number of plants where this has happened and I think it's perfectly normal.
Could be two thing. One, either you really have a great culture, large plant, good roots etc. Or if the plants is dying (hopefully not the case), it's trying to make seed in last attempt reproduce. But this habit is more common in paph. species from section barbata (barbata, callosum, tonsum, etc.).
I see this a lot when a plant is growing strong. I have P Maudiae 'Los Osos' that's 15 plus growths and pops buds on growths that barely open the first leaf. It wouldn't surprise me if a flower bud jumps up without any leaves at all:rollhappy:
my maudiae 'los osos' cross blooms reliably. The new growths are comparable smaller, usually 3 leaves. Has a big root system though. maybe when it is older I can get 1 leaf growths :p
I like its dorsal... got carried away with photo lol