Cycnoches Fire Embers

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Nov 5, 2014
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Colorado, USA

After seeing cooperi bloom for the first time last year, I went Cycnoches crazy and bought three more from SVO's October 2022 offering. This is one of them.

I'm interested in how you would describe the color, if you'd be willing to share your thoughts. So far, I've heard:

warm golden pumpkin
yellow brown green
mustard lime-yellow
burnt orange

Either way, it's a wonderful autumn color, perfect for a September bloom.

It has a light but pervasive fragrance, sweet and plasticky, something like vanilla-scented superglue. But don't get me wrong, it's nice. Very pleasant and I wish it were stronger.

I'll post more photos as the spike blooms out fully.

Cycnoches Fire Embers, SVO 10089 (Richard Brandon 'SVO' × Melana's Swan 'SVO Dark Wings')
Golden mustard
It is not yellow mustard, not spicey mustard, and not Dijon mustard. Interesting color though.
Once in a while, I have used ‘old gold’ in some instances. But this is more vibrant then old gold.
It is not caramel or butterscotch either.
But now, after all of that, I am hungry!!

Oh oh, honey gold??
I am still hungry!

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