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Grandma M

I ordered 2 of these @ 2.00 each from Sherwood Orchids when they went out of business. She sent me 6. Cost me .66 each. Was that a good buy, or what. One is a bit more pink than the other. The other 4 are setting bud.

The picture quality is bad because it was a dark day and I had to use flash.


Silver Eagle (schlimii X popowii)
An awesome deal!!! Those are some CUTE little buggers too!!! Might have to add that cross to my list!
Grandma, those are nice looking phrags!

Quick correction on the hybrid:

Silver Eagle = schlimiii x czerwiakowianum

I don't think schlimii x popowii has been registered yet, but I could be wrong. It sounds like an interesting hybird... I'll have to make it!

Hows the Stairway to Heavan coming along?

Stairway to Heavan is going to open soon. I'll post a pic of the spike tomorrow.