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cool plants for sale from JustPat Orchids at Southern Tier Orchid Society Show (ny)

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Jan 22, 2008
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elmer, nj
Hey all,
I was perusing the sales tables after setting up my native orchid educational display at the STOS orchid show (Binghamton, NY) tonight. Was looking around for phal species or other interesting things, resigned myself that not much was available of interest for me. I did happen to peek inside a crate on the JustPat Orchids table, and lo and behold I saw a tag that was interesting! Long story short I'll just post some interesting plants and their prices, and if anyone has a compelling, very serious interest in any of the plants, pm me and I'll give you the owner's cell phone number and you can deal with him about the plants. Either you would pay him over phone and he would mail them after getting home or I'd pay for them and release them after getting paid in return (in view of costs I'd rather have the former done... unless I know the person)

first thing that caught my eye: I think all 6" pots are in bud
(2) phrag besseae flavum 'Joan' CCE/AOS - (I think also HCC) $150 each for two growth plants, one is in bud 6" pots

there was a 1 growth plant of paph roth in bud(!) that may have been sold as I was writing these notes, don't have price

paph st. swithin $60
paph Lyro)?) Blackhawk $50

(2) paph susan booth 'Joan' CCM/AOS $65
(2) paph kolosand 'Sunshine' AM/AOS $125
paph topperi $100

then there were a few 4" pots not in bud
paph roth $75
paph sanderianum $125

also (for NYEric) I noted that he had a tiny wine glass terrarium with a flowering plant of Sinningia pusilla for $20. not my thing, but I read that a few here are into those. he also has tons of very interesting succulents and related, but I don't have names of those. he may have a website with descriptions of these things, just google justpat orchids. he also had other paph and phrag hybrids, but I had to stop somewhere.... no pictures as I didn't have my camera
How 'bout a photo of the native orchid display, when you get a chance?
Thanks. Clark
How 'bout a photo of the native orchid display, when you get a chance?
Thanks. Clark

it's too big to fit in one picture; halfway down this page
you'll see two pics for ny native orchid educ. display (5 frames, each 2' x 4')
all of the orchids and varieties that are or used to be in ny. not all the pics were taken in ny and some were by other people. some plants are also believed to be extirpated so were taken elsewhere or images sent to me