Confused about a few Orchid Advocate articles

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Jun 7, 2006
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Hello all,

I was hoping someone with back issues of the Orchid Advocate could help me figure out the dates and volume numbers of a few articles. I managed to record the numbers out of order while looking through the magazines earlier today at the library and I dunno if they're correct or not (I'm pretty sure at least some are wrong). They're either from 1995 or 1996, volumes 21 or 22. The articles are:

  • Koopowitz, H. Modern American White Slipper Orchids. Orchid Advocate 22 (2):52-56, Mar/Apr; 1996.
  • Gruss, O, Glanz, F. Paphiopedilum Deperle: An Outstanding Hybrid by Marcel Lecoufle and Some of its Offspring. Orchid Advocate 21 (2):57-59, Mar/Apr; 1995.
  • Gruss, O, Glanz, F. Paphiopedilum tigrinum: An Attractive Species and its First Hybrids. Orchid Advocate 22 (3):108-110, May/Jun; 1996.
  • Baker, C, Baker, M. Orchid Species Culture, Paphiopedilum armeniacum. Orchid Advocate 21 (3):133-135, May/Jun; 1995.