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Compots or Mini-Compots For Sale

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I sell reasonably priced compots or mini-compots to help pay for my hobby greenhouse oil. I have sold more than 100 compots via ebay over the last two years with 100% positive feedback. Park Bear will vouch for the quality of the compots as he has purchased a few in the past. I recieve new flasks from my breeding program 3-4 times annually. Paph Mount Toro is in all the crosses. The Paph Macabre is the one I recently posted.
Each compot contains at least 25 good sized seedlings recently out of flask.
Each min-compot contains 3 good sized seedlings recently out of flask.
I have included prices, pictures of the parents and an example of a compot. Please PM or email me with requests or questions.

Paph Mount Toro 'My All' x Lady Isabel 'Prince of Peace' (Each compot $40) (Each Mini-compot $10)

Paph Mount Toro 'Hallmark' x Yellow Tiger 'River of Mercy' (Each compot $40) (Each Mini-compot $10)

Paph Mount Toro 'My All' x Macabre 'Mother Mary' (Each compot $50)
(Each Mini-compot $12)

Compot Example:

I will charge $8 for first compot and $1 each additional compot (or mini-compot). I will charge $6 for first mini-compot and $1 for each additional mini-compot. I ship the Monday or Tuesday after recieving payment.

Peter (Greenpaph)

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