Comparison of 2 sibs

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I bought a compot of these from Antec in '03. I have a couple blooming together and thought I'd take a photo to show why it's good to buy compots to have several of a cross. The cross is Muriel Constance 'Candor Berry Flurry' x malipoense 'Candor Akiro'. The last time I checked Orchid Wiz it wasn't registered yet. I've had some others bloom out over the years but didn't take photos. These have both previously bloomed, but as they've gotten larger the flowers have been better. The one on the left would have a better looking dorsal, but a critter nibbled on it.

Candace, I never by less the 6 of almost any seedling cross If I can afford it. Its the only way to chance that top orchid.

It's a good way to select the best flowers - but it's only possible if you've got ample / enough space and alas impossible for indoor growers like me.
So I've got to be modest. ;)
Best regards from Germany, GuRu