Coloratum - Paph ((Virgina Moffett x Osiris) x Joanne’s Wine) x Magic Water

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Dec 7, 2006
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Edmonton, AB, Canada
Someone please register this cross so I don't have to type the long name! It's a paph ((Virgina Moffett x Osiris) x Joanne’s Wine) x Magic Water.
How big do these maudiae hybrids have to be nowadays to get a AOS award?

Heather said:
Not many maudiae crosses out there nowadays.
It's very nice, but I think the pouch would be an issue for pointing it.

Great photo, that second shot!

I know that there is a small dent in the pouch which I tried to hide in the pictures. I think future bloomed won't be dented. Other than that what is the issue? Is the issue the pouch pointing too forward and should be more flat/aligned with the dorsal? Or is the pouch shape just undesirable? This pouch is quite wide and cup-shaped compared to the other maudiaes I've bloomed. I guess this bloom is too normal/common looking for a AOS

A maudiae type(Voodoo Magic I think)x charlesworthii was awarded at my local show and it had huge wide petals and deep solid colour. Definitely deserved the AM/AOS. It had Strangely wide petals since charlesworthii has narrow petals, and not very classical maudiae like. Its petals were slightly droopy and not completely on the same plane as the other flower parts though, the petals seemed so heavy.
It was just the dent that I noticed. And that was just my opinion. I'm not a judge so what do I know, really?

As I always say, it's certainly worth taking it for judging just for the learning opportunity. I always try to sit in on judging when I can because I learn about all the little flaws that can cause a plant to not be pointed. :)

I don't think it is that maudiae types are too common, there are just are so many out there that they really need to be spectacular to be awarded these days.
I'm at university right now and I see my photo has more noticable dent! Geez my monitor at home showed the photo darker and had almost no dent
I hope my next bloom will not be dented. It is in sheath on another growth. This one isn't flat enough for a AOS I think