Coelogyne glandulosa

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UM is what I first thought as well.
It just looks identical to mine. Mine could have been mislabeled.
Is that 3.75 pot?
Please tell me why you think that. All the photos I see of glandulosa look like this plant. The Unchained Melody photos mostly have more orange in the lip.

Because many people think glandulosa is usually not cultivared... We can read this sometimes on the web:

Sorry, I am not a Coelogyne specialist, but if you bought a plant as lactea I doubt you got the true glandulosa...
It is most likely not C. flaccida (syn. lactea) because the lateral lobes of the labellum would have brown stripes. Another criteria for this species is the spike starting from the base of an adulte pseudobulbe, whereas C. glandulosa has the spike growing in the new growth, before or along with the leaves. (information from the book: Les Coelogynes, E. and J.C. George - 2011). As mentioned just before, C. glandulosa may not even exist in cultivation...)
It is more likely that you have C. Intermedia (C. cristata x C. tomentosa) or a pale form of C. Unchained Melody...
Definitely not a glanduosa but rather an Unchained Melody. Have the same plant. Glandulosa is very very rare if it's around at all. Here's Elisabeth and Jean-Claude George's description.


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