Coelogyne cristata (??)

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I have a couple of Coel plants from different sources. This one is labelled as Coel. cristata but I was always a little suspicious because it has huge pseudobulbs. The flowers just opened and the lip looks different to my other cristata so I'm wondering if this is a hybrid of some sort. There's also little/no scent but I'm guessing that might develop over the next few days.

Whatever it is I'm still loving the white flowers :drool:

Thanks guys!

Ron, I was hoping you'd reply because you seem to grow a few Coels. So you'd agree that it's not a cristata then?
Yup, you are right, mine looks like cristata in your picture. I thought the lip looked different to the cristata that was in bloom last spring but maybe I'm wrong.

Here's a picture of bulbs anyway. The plant on the right is the one that's flowering now, the bulbs are very large and elongated. The plant on the left is what I normally expect cristata to look like with round, grape-like bulbs :confused:

Eric, don't you kill anything with bulbs? I think Coels are wonderful, I'm hoping I'll have enough space to grow more of them in the future.
I had a chance to get about 10-12 of them for a good price so I was going to take the chance, then the sellor killed them for me! :mad: And I patiently await my refund!