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Mar 9, 2007
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Toronto, Ontario
I have noticed some clear syrup-like secretion on leaf surfaces of some of my plants. Is this normal or is it a sign of pests? Pls. help!
Many happy, well grown orchids release this "honey dew" to attract ants and bugs for pollenation. It's a sweet, sugary, sticky residue. I get it in my hair all the time and it's a real PITA. I've got long hair and have to make sure it's put up before watering or I'll be sorry. I mainly see it on my dendrobiums, phals and some oncidium types and some others. Phrags and paphs don't get this so if you're seeing a sticky substance on them, there's a problem.
Is it sweet, if it is and there are no pests it's just the 'honey'. Happy plants make this.

Please use your heads folks and if you're using systemic pesticides, especially, don't be tasting your plants!!
WELL GO FIGURE! I didn't know that!!!! :rolleyes:My phals are the best mealybug attractors, when I find the sticky stuff, I'm not findings pests but I don't want to chance it, start with a soap & water bath!
Then what you've got isn't honeydew but scale excretion-yuck. Neem won't do much for you I'm afraid. If you grow indoors there are a few less toxic options available. I'm sure an indoor grower would love to give you some hints. I tend to fire the big guns-pesticides when I see scale in my g.h.

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