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Cattleya violacea 4N in need of a warmer home

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Oct 9, 2016
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Cleveland, OH
One of my first major lessons in online ordering came from the purchase of this Cattleya violacea 4N. In 2013, I purchased this from Orchids Limited for $50, which was extravagant at the time. Actually, it still is, but at that time it was hard for me to fathom spending that much on a plant. I assumed with such a price tag that I was getting a blooming size to near blooming size plant. I was shocked to unpack a tiny seedling in a 2.25 inch pot. My lesson... Always check the pot sizes, especially if the size descriptors (Blooming size, near blooming size, etc) are missing. And when in doubt, email the seller.

Anyway, I have kept this plant alive and growing through several moves and climate changes. However, I can not keep it remotely happy due to my cooler winter temperatures. I would like to trade it way rather than watch it decline. The newest leaves are struggling as you can see in the pictures below. Just an FYI. Some of the pseudobulbs have a purple cast from high light not rot.

I am open to trades that require intermediate conditions and that do not require humidity in excess of 60% and/or daily watering. In full transparency, the Cattleya will need some extra TLC to thrive, but I think it will respond quickly. Here is a great write-up on Cattleya violacea: Baker's Culture Sheet

20200324_085039[1].jpg 20200324_085029[1].jpg 20200324_085015[1].jpg