Cattleya canhamiana coerulea

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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
This is the largest division of the big one that I posted last year. Despite the setback, it still managed to put out a spike well over a foot tall with six large blooms. This level of hybrid vigour would be great in a few others I grow.
I’d love to acquire more of this primary hybrid, but apart from the coerulea mericlones, very few are to be found.
I still have the super mossiae semi alba in flower and a new and mature purpurata werkhauseri is just starting so I could remake it. Anyone any idea of the likely outcome from this cross? Mostly semi albas?
Lovely flowering David.

If you breed a mossiae semialba with a coerulea purpurata, you may get a mix of coeruleas and semialbas. The reason is that either parent may contain the blue as well as the red lip genes.

If you self this one in bloom, you will get mostly blues but a few typos and semialbas might appear depending on how pure the lineage is.

It will be a 5-8 year project if you're up for it. I say why not?

Nurseries (international) that have them include Ecuagenera, Orquideas del Valle, Sunset Valley, AWZ and maybe Popow, if you want instant gratification.
Thanks, Just the reply I needed.
It will be fun to have a go with a new enterprise now that I’m approaching retirement.
I can get the pod processed in the UK and I suspect that with that sort of interesting but variable outcome, there may be a small market for any spare seedlings in the EU.
I am surprised that seedlings from a cross like this aren’t more widely available. There has been so much line breeding of the two species that elite plants from the cross ought to be spectacular.
Next year I can cross the mossiae with purpurata ‘cindarosa’. That should give som lovely semi albas.
I hope you can hear across the canal the 'Ah's and 'Oh's....magnificent!

(If you had a division or two to spare of some of your smaller Catts, could you, per chance, be persuaded to share them with someone on the Continent, before you get 'it' done?)

Kind regards,
Jens, Denmark
I used to have an enormous CanHonker and loved
it. I sent it to a friend in CA who's an awarded
grower. Mine was and is a fantastic grower and
bloomer still after many years and awards. Your
plant is very beautiful.