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My favourite aurantiaca variety, maybe the rarest: pure, nice orange without any spot.
On top of it: it was bought as a var. flava - which around its first time flowering made me a bit disappointed, as it clearly wasn't flava.
I have since then grown wiser and learned how much more difficult it is to find this 'variety'(or colour form as the Paph-taxonomists for sure would designate it - and in my opinion more precise and stringent, as this 'variety' does not in any ways other than colouring distinguish itself from the typical form, i.e. no morphological differences).
It's not because of these circumstantial, extraneous factors, though, that I have come to love and cherish it - nay, it's's simply irresistable! 😁
Flava x self or maybe flava x typical form....or maybe just a colour form in its own right..think Stephen's proposal of 'fma. concolor' is a good bid! But will we ever know?

It had a nice slightly fruity, floral scent!
Aurantiaca is naturally a concolor so no forma designation required lol.
Aurantiaca is naturally a concolor so no forma designation required lol.
In this you seem at odds, Leslie, with so highly acclaimed an authority on Cattleyas as Withner. In his 6 vol. monography on the genus he described the colouring of the flower of the typical form as follows: "The colors varies from yellow through a deep orange-red with red or purple veins [sic!] running from the throat out onto the pointed lip (vol. 1, p. 40 r., 1988).
In the light of this, I don't think, that Ozpah's suggestion is so quite off the mark as you seem to suggest:
nice concolour
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Yes they are various color forms not formally described with herbarium samples under taxonomic rules.

What I meant was that the most common ones found and initially described was a concolor orange 😉, like yours.

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