Cattleman lueddemanniana coerulea ‘mariauxi’

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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
Bought three years ago as a small division from a German eBay seller who imports from south america. I took a punt on this as it was priced as a normal species catt and not as probably the finest lueddemanniana found in the wild and one of the building blocks of modern coerulea and rubra clones.
So is it mariauxi? Bearing in mind that this is a first blooming on a less than mature plant its quite possibly correct, based on photos from the internet. The colours are all correct. The form could be better but that will come on a larger plant.
Anyway I’m happy as it’s a good coerulea form of the species.
It’s hard to tell if it is ‘Mariauxi’ or not in this blooming. It does have the right colour. The shape is a bit off but perhaps this first established blooming has issues. Next year then.
Agreed Leslie. The form needs to improve for it to be a possible division of this superb clone.
Patrick, maybe six or seven. I have nice alba form that will open next week. That’s the last for this season. I’d have more if I could get them. Not easy in the UK, especially after Brexit. They’re quite small growing so great for a windowsill grower like me.
Nice wide petals, regardless if it’s the named clone or not, it has lots of potential! I’m very impressed at your ability to bloom this species on a windowsill!

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