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Hello all,
I have found a liquid biostimulator that it's called MAXICROP! It has 8% extract of Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed and lots of micro-macro- elements, vitamins, plant hormones, betaines etc... Do you think I should use it as my main fertiliser or combine it with an orchid fertiliser or reject it...?Please let me know...

Thank you in advance... Thanasis.. :)
Could you please give some attention? :( Does anyone know what to do? Thank you in advance...!!!!!!!!!:D
Hi there....

I'm not sure any of us have heard of it, which may be why you have not gotten a response. If it is mostly seaweed it cannot hurt (though you may have more cats hanging around your house!) but I don't know about whether to combine it with other fertilizers.

Rick Lockwood is sort of our chemical/fertilizer might try sending him a private message (he goes by just Rick here.)
Sorry although in the back of my mind the name of the product sounds familar but I have never tried it & I'm no chemical guru!
I've used a seaweed extract from Maxicrop, but I don't know if it's the same exact product you've got. It sounds like it is. I've used it as a foliar feed and in rotation with other fertilizers.
I'm not the resident guru, but I'll give you my opinion for what you may think its worth.

Firstly, this sort of product is not a substitute for fertilizer. Establish a regular fertilizer program paying attention to your water quality and what it contributes and all of the macro-elements, especially often overlooked calcium an magnesium levels. Then use a product like this (seaweed or humic acid extract) only once a month or so as a supplement. Another supplement that seems to boost Slippers is the harpin supplement, sorry but the brand name escapes me.

Secondly, try to get more patience or you will not be a happy slipper grower. It without a doubt is the most lacking essential in unsuccessful growers.
OK Bob, where do they sell that?
What, patience? In the isle next to restraint, right behind observation. Somewhere in that same section are virtues such as appreciating the plants themselves, flowers are just the icing, and we are stewards of the plants, they are not stewards of our egos.

If you mean harpin, it's sold under the name Messenger by Eden Biosciences, I think. Developed a few labs away from me.
Harpin is also sold by Garden's Alive. I forget their brand name. I actually bought some of the stuff a few years ago, and I don't think I ever used it more than once or twice, in the garden....Bob- how do you use it on paphs? Take care, Eric
Eric, if I had the time I would mix and foliar spray Messenger eery 6 to 8 weeks. Unfortunately I don't. While Lynn is the Paph grower (and hybridizer) the technical aspects of fertilizing, etc have always been my left to me. We feed with RO using a two injector system, a fertilizer very similar to the RO "MSU" types but with a bit more Calcium and Magnesium, and a second injector that adds Potassium Bicarbonate to adjust pH. When time permits, I will sometimes experiment with something without telling Lynn, and then wait and see if there is any response. There have been two times when 1 to 2 weeks later Lynn has come to me and said, "What have you changed, I've seen a real positive change in the plants recently". One of those times was the first time I used Messenger. The other was when I used a product called Roots II tank mixed in the irrigation water. Now, before anyone hits their whole collection with anything, please note that I do test them on a corner of a bench of plants to make sure there are no adverse reactions before hitting the whole greenhouse, but I do it all without telling Lynn so as to not bias her, nor do I ask leading questions. If its going to be worth using, she'll notice the change.
Maxicrop seaweed fertilizers are used extensively over here as a Root Promotion fertilizer by gardeners when transplanting plants into the garden. A lot of orchid growers use it for the same thing for a few waterings after repotting their plants. It works fine but most suggest, from experience, once the plant settles down and recovers from disturbance, the Maxicrop is used only as a boost once or twice a year. If used too much, the root promotion can become excessive and the plant will become reliant on it. Its great for establishing seedlings straight out of flask into compot or individual pots.
Thank you all for the info.... :)

Roy I guess you are wright, because large amounts of plant hormone or compound can result in the opposite effect than expected (like GA3: it can be used in dormant seeds to help germination, but when in excess it can cause a second dormancy...)

Thank you all again... :)

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