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Jun 9, 2006
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Glen Rock - New Jersey
I've been trying to email them but they dont respond. havent tried to contact them via phone yet though. Just wondering if anyone else has had experience with them.

I've visited but not dealt with them by phone. There's some kind of orchid fair on at Santa Barbara this weekend, so they're probably ultra busy.
I have placed two orders with Cal Orchids in the past. I cancelled both orders and I refuse to deal with them. They would never respond to emails, and never shipped the plants I ordered. After a few weeks I got the hint and cancelled the orders.

I hear they have great plants, but I could care less. They rank down with Norman's customer service in my opinion, and if you have ever heard me rant about Norman's, you know what this means.
They have decent plants, including Neofinitias [ for those so inclined]. They are usually at the GNYOS show, so you can deal w/ Lauris personally, but usually busy. I think they are understaffed.
Cal-orchids kicks ass!! The plants I got from them took a while, but were impressive to say the least. One of my all-time best orchid buying experiences.
thanks everyone

Eric: i was looking at the gynos vendor list and saw them there i want to preorder, if i cant get in contact with them maybe i can talk to them at the show it self
I've only bought from them in person at GNYOS, but they have a small selection of great the show, they are alre always crowded, but give you their full attention when you get to them. Take care, Eric
They probably don't have time to answer email because of the shows out here. They have been at the Santa Barbara show since Wednesday. I don't know anything about their reliability but I saw them there. There is also a show next weekend in San Diego, I'm sure they will be there also.
Maybe if you telephone them on Tuesday. :rollhappy:
With all the shows they go to, why even have a website? It was obvious when I ordered that they didn't need the sale. I left one order open for three weeks without a word from them. That is unacceptable.
I just got a reply from James at Cal-Orchids!! :clap: I'm gonna go try to make a preorder for a neo and see if they can bring it to the GYNOS show :)
Marco said:
I just got a reply from James at Cal-Orchids!! :clap: I'm gonna go try to make a preorder for a neo and see if they can bring it to the GYNOS show :)
I guess they seen your complaint on SLIPPERTALK.;)
I can't believe it! I called Cal-Orchids just now and got through! I guess I got lucky. I was speaking to Jim Rose, who was a very nice man. They said they had 2 shows and just got home to get ready for the New York show :clap: I placed these 2 neos on preorder:

Neofinetia falcata 'Setsuzan'
Neofinetia falcata 'Shunkyuden'

Hey Marco - how was your experience?

I just found this thread. Based on the more recent one at OSF, I called and placed an order last week and just received two beautiful plants today from Jim (who I called and we had a nice talk about orchid forums...)

I had an excellent experience!
I ordered what I thought was a $50 Neo. falcata 'Tamakongo' and got a nice 4 growth plant with two spikes for $40 along with a bonus 7 growth 'Mameba'!!!

Gorgeous little plants, and the service was excellent.
Anyone have a photo of Mameba?
I got great plants from then Heather. I can't wait to see them again at PA. I got the benisuzume from them. actually have more photos today :)
Marco & the rest,
Jim & Lauris are great people, and the problem is that they simply are busy with the show season. They are not really computer techies, the website inventory is seriously out of date. They are planning on updating it, they just haven't had time. (I'm in the same boat) The phone is a better way to get Jim, Lauris usually handles the email. Give them a chance, they have great plants, WONDERFUL Lycaste hybrids. Call them Weds or Thurs, those are the 2 days they are most likely to be near the phone.