bulbophyllum fascinator

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I like the fuzzy hairs. How many bulbs does it have now? How long did it take to start blooming?
grandma, it now has 5 mature bulbs n 1 new lead... i think it should be easy to bloom...(i have no previous experience in blooming bulbs of this section) Apart from this, i have bulbo putidum. i also got it as a 3-bulb division. it bloomed thrice before sending out 1 new growth... very slow, that one... >_<
These guys are so cool Paphioboy. I've had mine going for about 3 years now, and it grows and blooms like crazy. So far mine has five open blooms and more coming.

Another thing I like about Bulbos is that they often rebloom on old growths and rhizomes several times. So as they plant gets bigger you get LOTS more blooms.
I am always so amazed at the variation in the blooms of Bulbos. Thanks for posting this one. I have a few, but I'm still waiting to bloom one, other than the one bought in bloom. I think it takes patience to grow any type of orchid.
welll... another recommended one is bulbo lepidum... it is small but very free-flowering... my plant has sent out 4 spikes from a single bulb..!! not all at once, of course... btw, can anybody please give me culture tips on bulbo uniflorum? although it is native to Malaysia (moderately-high elevations), i don't seem to have much luck with it... i'm growing it with the same conditions as reticulatum and subumbellatum... But on the other hand, bulbo biflorum (highland species) is growing very well and has sent out a spike... will post pics soon... =)

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