Bulbo. fritilariiflorum

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Wogga said:
Oh my God!! Rick - i NEED one. where can i get it???

I got this one from Hortus Botanicus a couple of years ago. I posted a pic of the first bloom on the OSF and got a similar response. Aparently Dale Borders ran down to HB that day and got the last couple they had. I selfed the flower and there has been a very succesful germination, so I should have seedlings probably within a year.

There are some similar species, fraudulentum and arfakianum, and some argue that the arfakianum is actually the same species as fritilariflorum (although I think the frit. is actually bigger than arfak.) I beleive Andy's has fraudulentum and arfakianum on his list.
Where've you been Tadd?
Yes burfordiensi is pretty cool. Commensi is also another one I'd like to get, if its realy as red as some of the pictures show. I don't know if it just has different color forms or the flower turns red as it ages.

These frit flowers turn red as they die.

The kolo seed went to Troy's this past week too. Only 3 months of capsule development before they started to turn.

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