Bulbo echinolabium

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TADD said:
Hey Rick do you notice that the winter blooms are smaller than the summer blooms? I think they smell less too.

This is a first time blooming for me and this plant.

But since you mention it, it seems like the blooms on my grandiflorum and blumei seem a bit smaller in fall/winter than the spring/summer. Most of my other Bulbos only seem to want to bloom once a year.

My only other sequential bloomer (orthoglossum) started the first time in early winter, and its still blooming, but I haven't noticed any change in flowers.
I think I have one of these, but I bet it is seedling

can't wait for the update photo
Here it is!! I didn't smell anything this morning:confused: , but I can't get real close without moving a bunch of stuff.

Here's a picture in its jungle setting.

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