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Jul 3, 2021
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Since I put a wet wall in my grow room my plants have been taking off. I had a lot of bud blast last year during the warmer temps. Now when the garage is 95 the room only gets about 82. Humidity is about 75%.

First has tonsum, gratrixianum, wardii, spicey henry, barbigerum, micranthm, two henryanums, charlesworthii, trainlienianum.
Second has wenshenense, Barbara Larkin, helenae, two henryanums and a spicerianum.

Hoping for the best.
Just wanted to say I met PaphFreak and MoranWise at the recent AOS trustee meeting for the first time!

What great guys!

Thanks for being such positive friendlies, allies and enablers in this fantastic addiction of a hobby!
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