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I have limited space so trying to decide which ones I really want. So far reserved one but still looking! 😂
Anything in particular you’re looking at? I have limit space too. By the time these come their real estate may be grown into. I reserved the ones below. I’m in a big fat hole right now. It’s bad because when I’m at work I’m perusing.

I haven’t had too much luck growing toras indoors and have some reservations on the setsuzan and the kakuozan. But we will see how it goes. The kwanpung was more of a gamble. There’s no bloom photos on the site but based on online searches it looks like. Yodonomatsu with purple blooms? Also, there looks like there could be 3 new starts? For the price I’ll gamble.

If these plants are good. I’m going to chase my unicorn next year if it’s still available

Also can you send me a message on FB so I know who mr paphlove is.

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Awesome collection. I am very envious.

I had a serious mealy bug issues that took several of my plants -- or perhaps it was the neem oil that killed the plants -- and I have only one left. If I can nurture it to flowering I expect I will again lose my mind and start buying more Neos.

Good growing
I’ll let you know when division time comes. it might still be a Few seasons away. I’m entertaining throwing up a few on here for trade bait for some smaller orchids that handle warmer growing conditions well (I.e cernuas dend monos). I tried a few cernuas, mini carts, dend monos but they didn’t really thrive under my care. It’s probably they lean more towards the cooler side

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