Ascda Darwinara Charm 'Blue Pacific'

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L I Jane

Ist blooming .
I want to change this to only Darwinara Charm 'Blue Pacific' dropping the ascocenda part as Rob & I feel that it is wrong even tho' the tag said the ascda Darwinara Charm 'Blue Pacific':)

I just googled Ascda Darwinara Charm 'Blue Pacific' & it says vanda ascda Darwinara Charm 'Blue Pacific so I'm really confused so I'm sticking with the tag name for now.I did get this last year from the Royal orchid Club on ebay.
Any one got any further insight on this?
I have a few starting to spike now, Dot. Don't know what the secret is, perhaps they like a bit of a chill. They do have neofinetia as a parent, so that seems reasonable...
Thanks Jane & Rob. I had mine outside this summer into fall, so I did get a bit of a chill. But maybe I should move it into higher light. Rob, your greenhouse has lots of light, and Jane has hers high up in hers. I've been treating mine more like a Neo, and maybe I should think more of the Vanda part of it.
That is a beautiful blue Jane. Sounds like you have the magic touch for getting it to flower to.:)

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