Art in 9 minutes? You be the judge. Amazing

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Heather said:
Oh, I also am interested in the "illustration as art" argument since I know some people involved in this discussion are very much into comics.


Graphic Arts as opposed to Fine Arts? :D

I think Fine Art is more concerned with pure aesthetic than the other Visual Arts.
Refer to Longman (Dictionary of Contemporary English) "Art: The use of painting, drawing, sculpture, etc. to represent things or express ideas." also, "The Arts [plural]: Art, Music, Theatre, Film, Literature, etc. all considered together. So, while you may think something is "Art" because it has a certain level of detail, or is made of a certain material, or took a certain amount of time to create, I find art to be something produced that has no scientific, constructive purpose. Is a dancer not an artist? I think the people I went to school w/ at SUNY Purchase would think so. Is a Mozart piece not art? And who knows what a porcelan doll says about a society/ The only reference we have to an ancient hunting society is their graffiti on a cave wall.