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Trade Anyone heard of or bought Paphio off Sekatropical?

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they are from thailand. I have ordered from thailand, other nurseries, before and it is just like rolling a dice. Even with the fastest shipping it takes 21 days to a month. If the plant was packed well, the plant has a decent chance of surviving. Got a large division that survived 27 days in transit.

Just be VERY VERY AWARE, once you send them money... contact is usually gone or minimal. By minimal I mean expect them to take 1 -2 weeks to reply and sometimes no contact other than a tracking number, that you are not sure if it is real. So you are also rolling the dice with losing your money

Legally, It takes phyto cert to import into US , know this. However, It is not always checked by customs as long as the package is small and inconspicuous. I have ordered twice from thailand both times the package just arrived at my mailbox. At the time I didn't know phyto cert. was needed and I didn't have it. What happened is not NOT LEGAL and NOT per procedure, but sometimes things get missed. Now I have phyto import permit and also protected plants permit just to be on the safe side.

Again, if you are willing to risk $75 to $100, buy and order at your own risk.