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Unfortunately, the color on this one isn't as nice as Candace's. It is a pretty large bloom. I don't normally stake my spikes, but I had to on this one to hold the bloom up.

This photo was taken yesterday, just a day or two after the dorsal opened. It's actually quite a bit more open today, and I'm hoping that it will keep developing, like Candace's did. I'll do a 3D when it's all the way open.


Hope you like it :)

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
I love this species.
I've bloomed mine once, but the new growth is smaller than the last one.
Hopefully some adjustments I made will make it happier.

Very nice!

Mine was very heavy too and I had to double tie it to keep it up. Matt, you'll have to let me how your pollen stores. I actually cut my bloom off 2 days after it was awarded to not overly stress the plant. I was hoping to breed with it, but I don't think my pollen is any good. Maybe it needs to be harvested within a few days of opening? Mine was over a week old, and I'll try to use it, but I'm thinking I'll need to take it earlier next time. Or maybe it wasn't old enough..

I'm sure it will open more in the next few days. Thanks for posting it!
Very lovely! I hope my Ho Chi Minh will be almost as pretty when it blooms!
It's got good potential, of course, if you don't think so ....... I know a home for it!

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