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My Eva Weigner has just begun to finally open. There is no doubt that the speed of growth of this plant is much more similar to stonei than haynaldianum, leaves and blooms both.

Anyway, the petal stance of this one tends to be quite a bit wider than Marco's, although it's still just opening this time. The petals are shorter, though, I'm sure. I'll post a few more photos once this opens all the way, if I remember :) I'm dissapointed with the fact that I only have one bloom this year. I realized too late that it should be growing with my stoneis and not with my haynaldianums, I guess.


And another one, looking up into the bloom a bit more....


Hope you like it :)

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
Heather, I'll put you on my waiting list for divisions of this plant :) There are only two people ahead of you, but at the rate this thing grows, I suspect it will be a few years, unless it really picks up in brighter light. I have two other Eva Weigners; one has similar petal stance, and one I haven't bloomed yet... so I guess we'll see how it turns out.

- Matt