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Well, I failed to post this early enough, so the race will have to be called off... but this is how mine is progressing. I've bloomed a few plants from this cross, and none of them have had more than two blooms per spike, unfortunately. I do really like the blooms though. This one might not even have two...


- Matt
Me either :) One of the great things about this clone (and the others that I've bloomed from this cross) is that it is so compact in its growth. The growth that this one is blooming on is just over 9 inches across, which is typical.

- Matt
Is the one I got from you from the same bunch?? mines tiny too compared to the one in spike. I hope it sprouts out a new growth soon.
Yep, same bunch. I've been treating mine more like stonei than haynaldianum; they grow well in very bright light.

- Matt
Nice colour coming through there. The leaves look like they really enjoy the light levels too.:) Can't wait to see it open. Now if only I could get one here in Canada.

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