Angraecum sesquipedale Im back 🤪 with something new

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Feb 24, 2023
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So now this just appeared about a week ago on a leaf so I took it of. Now it is back and I'm clueless to what it is. It is only on the bottom leaves and has no smell. Could it potentially be dehydration 20231125_171428.jpg20231125_171424.jpg20231125_171421.jpg
Is it getting enough light? Is it warm enough?
I have grown it but not for some time. I grew it with a distinct wet and warm cycle and a cooler rest period when the day length gets shorter.
I never tried to grow it the same way year round.
How are you growing it?
I should add that I grew it in a basket. Roots are huge and it liked a course mix.
In addition to getting less light over the winter, it got a lot less water.
Judging by the size of these leaves, this is not a mature plant. It looks like your culture might be off and the plant is getting way too dry. It looks desiccated. Why are these leaf tips all chopped off? It is just this man's opinion but it might be that your culture is off and the plant might be dying.

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