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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
One of the many reaction videos to this guy proposed a new adjective ‘demashified’ to describe the combination of stupefied wonder, wide eyes and open (goldfish) mouth that often accompanies their first hearing of Dimash Kudaibergen.
I love my music and I’ve listened to and played much in the last 50 years. This is possibly the best vocal performance I’ve ever heard.

Best listened to in a darkened room with a cup or glass of your favourite beverage. It’s something to be savoured and enjoyed.
William, funny you should mention this song,here is his version of the diva dance from the fifth element!

the vocal skills required for this are off the charts. It helps that he has perfect pitch.
Linus, when you hear a voice like this then it defies categorisation. Is he a tenor or a baritone with an astonishingly good falsetto?
If you include his ‘whistle’ register above falsetto then his range is six octaves.
An extremely good countertenor with an extended range due to some quirk of genetics that keeps the voice light through puberty into adulthood. Michael Manniaci is another one like him, although he doesn't sing as high.
another beautiful voice , perhaps not with the same attractive glamorous physique is Marcelito Pomoy
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His range is incredible.
Coloraturasocounterbaritenore! As astonishing his range is, as stupendous is his smooth blend between registers, really astounding! His bariton in itself, though, I find no more than average and somewhat characterless, but, by Jove, when used as a 'spice' in connection with the rest of his amazing voice and technical proficiency, one can only bow in speechless amazement! 😲
Guldal, I agree with your general assessment!
A professional opera singing mother and a family steeped in music helped his development. That and countless hours of practise from a very young age.
A final video. The climax is a 24 second single breath tour de force.

A final video. The climax is a 24 second single breath tour de force.

Indeed, amazing breath control! Yet another instance where Dilmas' classical, vocal training shows (he actually had an impressive, broad musical education in various genres, I learned from Wikipedia).

If you allow me the excentric extravaganca of delving into the archeological archives of vocal history, I doubt, though, if even Dilmas (or anybody else for that matter) can compare to this guy, when it comes to breath control and unforced delivery. John McCormack, papal count, anno 1916, "Il mio tesoro" from Mozart's Don Giovanni:

Lastly, Handel from1920:
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Lovely music there Guldal! I wonder what Dimash would have sounded like if he’d persued the opera career that was offered to him when he graduated?
He's pushed so many boundaries with his voice that I wonder where he will end up? He still practised very assiduously every day and is still young for a vocalist.
I'm a big Dimash fan since 2020. when I first heard about him, I just missed his concert here in NYC which took place in December 2019.
I watch a lot of his performances on YouTube. He's just amazing!!

He hits D8, which is beyond the highest note on the piano. Enjoy the whole song but if you want to see that happen, it is at 4:39 into the video.