After a long wait, Liparis lilifolia!

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Neat! I used to see these in the wild sporadically in the Raleigh NC area. At least, I assume it was this species. They were pretty much always off the beaten path and never very numerous. I'm sure I would have tried to take a whiff of the flowers but I don't recall ever detecting a scent, let alone "dried spit".
I have been growing Liparis lilifolia quite well for several years in my bog garden. Several years ago, I came across a large number in a Pennsylvania state forest. While there were many growing in the oak woods, they were sparsely flowered. However, in boggy areas surrounding a lake, there were hundreds in full sun among sundews (Drosera). They were all in bloom with evidence of seed-set from previous flowerings. The pseudobulbs sit right on top of the muck, including being covered in snow each winter. Pictured with fellow bog denizen Dactylorhyiza.


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