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Jun 9, 2006
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Halls Gap,Western Victoria, Australia
I have added a few new Paphs and a Phrag to the collection. As if I need more ( like a hole in the head )

Jim Binks = haynaldianum x hirsutissimum
moquettianum x randsii
parishii x kolopakingii v Topperi

Phrag Saundersianum

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Paph Selligerum is a very old cross ( 1878 ) of P. barbatum x philippinense. Looks fabulous and up to 3 large flowers, similar to P. Millmannii.
Phrag Saundersianum is Phr caudatum x schlimii ( 1887 ).
The selligerum I think is a remake seedling, the Phrag is a division from a large plant. I dont know if it also was a remake or from an original plant.
The other plants on the list are seedlings, the exul & stonei are outcrosses.
Ron-NY, there is a pic of a Saundersianum on the Phragweb website, I only hope the one I am getting is better.
I will post a pic when it flowers.

NYEric, I seem to remember hearing that myself!!!
NYEric said:
My 'ex' used to say, "Just do what I say and everything will work out fine."
When you hear that enough it's time to trade for a newer model. If the old model is employed you claim insanity so you don't have to split your assets. :D
Something always happens when you place an order for plants. The plants I listed above all arrived in nice condition but smaller than I ordered. Mix up in dispatch. They added the following plants to make up the size difference ( for free ) plus a small refund on cost of the plants.
Added were,
Paphs lowii, haynaldianum, venustum, delenatii, wardii, ( all outcross seedlings ) plus p. primulinum x moquettianum & primulinum x adductum.

Not a bad days work.!!!!