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4 Paphs for sale from Denver's collection

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May 14, 2017
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Dallas, TX
Good evening all,

As you may know, I participated in the purchase of Denver's collection. I am keeping all of the very small plants, but I recently had the chance to acquire several flasks of bellatulum and adductum, and my growing space is very limited until next spring. I underestimated the space these bigger guys would take up- and so need to let them go. Between them they take up one tray which is space for 12 compots, and as of today I need that space ASAP.

No markups- provided I can sell all 4 as a group (which is my strong preference for simplicity's sake) I am charging the same price I paid for them after we took the group discount for buying everything all at once.

Please refer back to his sale thread for photos- the plants have not changed that much and are in the same good condition. Here are details along with current status. The numbers refer to the number of the plant in his listings.

1. Paph delenatii Dunkle - a handsome plant. The newest growth just flowered for me (and very nicely too) and the 2 new growths Denver mentioned are coming along well.

24. Paph adductum ‘MH-5’ x self - chugging along, slow grower but doing well.

25. Paph stonei #1 x 2008 - a big plant- likely to flower once the new leaf finishes out, and it has grown since I got the plant.

53. Paph sanderianum - good young seedling. Has started putting out a new leaf since I got it.

These were originally priced at $195 if you assume $100 for the delenatii Dunkle which was offered as a request for bids.

My price for all 4 is $97.50 plus shipping.

I am pressed for time this evening, but if you want reassurance of new photos, please let me know and I will take some tomorrow and post.



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