A triploid Fritz.

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Nov 28, 2009
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Cambridge, UK
This one is definitely triploid as the parents are kovachii ‘terminator’ and besseae ‘rob’s choice’. The besseae is a known tetraploid.
This plant continues to grow well but is still not full grown. It is very chunky and compact. This first bloom isn’t the best as it grew during some very hot weather but looks ok now and is 12 cm across.
The plant has now started to grow upwards on rhizomes so I’ve resorted to wrapping a bit of sphagnum round the base of the new shoot and covering this with food wrap/cling film to encourage rooting.
As it has a double dose of besseae the flowers are more red than the usual Fritz Schomburgs. However it is not as red as the first photo, the true colour is much closer to the closeup.
David, I have a FS 3N kovachii 'Tesoro Morado' x besseae 'Rob's Choice' AM/AOS, it is climbing big time and the roots from the new growth are "attacking" the older growth next to it. I am guessing that 'Rob's Choice' really likes to climb.

I believe there was a recent post on Instagram of the same cross you have in bloom by Asuko Fischer.
I have the 'Tesoro Morado' x 'Rob's Choice' cross and have bloomed it several times and it is not particularly stoloniferous (a climber) for me. It is pretty chunky like the one shown by monocotman. Mine has been divided into two plants.
This is what mine has done. The browning is where roots are pushing through on a lower growth. I am going to let the upper growth grow out and probably split next spring. Cannot wait for it to bloom.


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An update with the side branch in flower. This clone keeps the petals nice and flat for the entire duration of the flower and not just for the first couple of days!
The flower width is 11.5cm for both blooms.
The new growth Is just visible above the cling film and there is a second growth on the other side so the plant.