A pair of thaianums

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So just going to think in print about thaianum. I had deflasked a bottle from Thailand and had some success, 20 plants, lost 3/4, some were slow growers and others vigorous, the usual. Flowers were somewhat nice but nothing exceptional. They are all sold except one which has better visible vigor in creating new basal growth, flowers display worthy. There will certainly be improvements with species line breeding. At present there are 13 AOS awards. As always, look for improved form, size, color and multi-blooming. Below are two awards, the wedding bells in Toronto, 2018, and the second in 2022 with improved form. Wedding bells has two flowers and a bud on one infl. and Dimples is one flower and a bud on one infl..


  • thaianum wedding bells.jpg
    thaianum wedding bells.jpg
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    thaianum dimples..jpg
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Hear, hear! And the first one just seems perfect...no reproaches for form there!
Did 'Tiny Tot' turn out the same first time round?
No, the petal and dorsal size and form have improved on the second bloom, here. The pouch was better on the first bloom. The second growth was as small as the first. Hopefully when it adds another growth or two, the issues will be resolved at once. Here are two others with decent form.


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