A group of Brachypetala

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The white ones in the background are pure Paph. niveum, the one far left front row is Paph. (thaianum x godefroyae) and the dark one in the middle is Paph. leucochilum 😝. All the others are Paph. Greyi (niveum x godefroyae).
Chris, what a lovely group of Brachies 👌 ... no matter of hybrids or species ...the P. leucochilum 🤣 😵‍💫 is a class of its own.
Thank you!
I made this "leuco" just for you, Rudolf ;) !
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Apart from the fact that every one and each of the flowers are exceedingly beautiful, please, "listen carefully, I will say this only once!"
"Oh no it isn't..."

(I don't know how many of you are familiar with British pantomimes but if you are this will hopefully make sense!)
Makes perfectly sense, Ed. And like another Punch, I will beat him relentlessly with my baton untill he admits, "it isn't, it isn't, it isn't!" 😁

Deputy chairman of the Transeuropean leucochilum League
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I love brachys, thx for posting!! I have one good one I got from dick buchter umpteen years ago He or terry root made, it’s a strong one, hopefully it will flower one of these days, “starchild x godefroyea” x “sierra bell x bellatulum” complex brachy