A few photos of my paphs in s/h

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
Here's several photos of my paph areas in my greenhouse. All are growing in s/h. Any blooming ones are usually brought in the house to enjoy so not much to look at except the plants...





WHAT! And here I've been like a dummy growing them in some unnatural condition :poke: like bark all this time. Someone told me Parvis hate s/h.
For some reason I enjoyed those photos as much, if not more than one's with blooms. I just like greenery I guess.
Someone told me Parvis hate s/h.
Shh. Don't let my parvis hear you:> Probably 1/3 of my paphs are parvis.
Do I see different SH medium ? Do you prefer one medium over the other...algae bother you ? How long have you been a SH dominatrix ?
I've got a several different types of leca and have been growing in s/h for probably going on 3 years now. I use the old prime agra, hydroton and aliflor. The hydroton and aliflor are available here locally so I have most of my other orchids in those. I have potted some of my paphs in aliflor or hydroton if I'm out of primeagra. I prefer the prime agra for my paphs, and luckily have enough to sterilze and reuse for right now. I haven't tried the new prime agra.

I do occasionally have the s/h holes plug up with algae, but usually it's on my higher light plants. There is algae in some/many of my s/h pots, but it doesn't bother me. During the summer I may use a little physan to lighten it up a bit so I can see the roots better.

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