a few paphs from the NYBG

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I did a quick trip to the NYBG last weekend. Lovely greenhouse. No time to wander around the grounds...... :mad:

The orchid exhibit was infested with Onc twinkle and all sorts of garish dendrobiums :rollhappy:

I saw two clumps of Paphs though, so I took some shots of them.

Interestingly some nice pleuros at the gift shop like masdies with a few dozen leaves and some mini pleuros. Outrageously priced, for sure, but I don't think we'd see the same kinds of things down here.

Paph Billy Cardalino

Paph Bo-Ying Chow

Paph Gary Romagna

Paph St Swithin

Paph Vanguard

Paph Wayne Booth