A couple photos from the DOS Fall show

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I made it back from Seattle on Friday evening, and went down to the Denver Orchid Society show on Saturday afternoon. Glen Decker was there again this year, and had some nice plants... his sale table was mostly empty by the time I got there, though. Hoosier and Oak Hill were there too.

Anyway, the show was pretty skimpy on slipper species. There was a Phrag. caudatum that looked nice, and a few Paph henryanums, but not much else.

Glen Decker did have a couple of kovachii hybrids: Alfredo Manrique, and the cross with Living Fire (don't remember the name... and it was past its prime). Here's the Alfredo Manrique:


I thought the color was pretty nice, but it wasn't especially big.

He did get an AM/AOS on this Paph. charlesworthii hybrid. I thought that I had taken a picture of the tag, but I get I didn't... so I don't know what the cross is.

And here's the caudatum.

I didn't do an exhibit this year, since I was out of town all week... maybe this spring. I did come back to discover a couple of species in spike out of season... I'm hoping that they'll make it to bloom. I have a Paph parishii in spike, which struck me as odd. I saved some pollen from another parishii, but if anyone has some pollen from another good parishii, let me know!

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
Yeah, someone help him out w/ the parishii pollen :p I really want a good parishii seedling! :)
for some reason that charlesworthii hybrid spoke to me. i forget if it's Paph Red Czar or Paph Red Czar x charlesworthii.

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