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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA
As some of you know, with the help of my wife I have been very busy repotting my whole collection out of S/H and into a bark mix. That hasn't left much time for anything else. Yesterday Donna took the time to take 3 photos of a couple of my bloomers and I thought I share them with you.


I purchased Don Egger from Parkside about a year ago. It is my understanding that this cross has been a very consistent quality flower. Notice the large ventral sepal. Paph. Don Egger was made using Spotglen 'Doodlebug' HCC/AOS x Duncan York 'Southard' AM/AOS.


Next and above is a division of Paph Via Ojai 'Silvia' HCC/AOS, which is a nice pink complex.


And last is Paph Helenae x Jolly Green Gem. I can't take credit for this one as it was purchased in bloom last Saturday.
I'll try to get a few more photos posted as time goes on, but we still have another couple of weeks of repotting left before we will be done.
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I love the first two!! They are both gorgeous! Thank your wife for taking the time to get photos for us to see! Repotting an entire collection around a holiday must be keeping you extremely busy!
The Via Ojai is wonderful! i especially love the lip!

I'm somewhat taken aback that Parkside has helenae hybrids for sale. I thought they were verboten here.
Nice pics!

When I was 13 I did a hydroponic "experiment" for science class. I used hydroponic product from a vendor on the east coast of Jersey, who I would never go back to again. It was a simple bean plant. The results, unless the grower has serious knowledge and strategy (which Ive never really seen), always seem to turn out the way my little project did...stick with what ya know. I tried CHC thinking it would be the end-all-be-all, im back to bark too.

Lots of helenae crosses showing up, how is this legal? I need a CITES talk with someone who knows there s*#t,
Chien, those plants are in a bark mix. At this point all of my paphs. are back into a bark mix. Today I start repotting the phals. and then on to the catts. I took care of my favorite ones first.

Scooby, here is my understanding. Antec, had released legal flasks of vietnamens as well as helenea. Any plants derived from those flasks will be legal. At this time both of those two species had time to mature out of flask and flower. Now, comes the big question. Has there been enough time for someone to flask and mature these new plants coming onto the market. Personally, I doubt it. Can I show helenea crosses for judging? The answer is only if I can prove it came from a legal source (Antec). Can I do that? No. Will it matter in 5 or 10 years? Probable not. That is the reason we don't see hangianum plants or crosses openly sold here. None have been legally released in the U.S. Are they coming in as crosses that are mislabeled? Yes. Personally, I don't like them coming in mislabeled as that is messing up our AOS judging system. All this said. Hangianum and Helenea plants were openly sold in flask as well as plants at the last World Orchid Confrence in Miami just a few years back. The whole thing is a nightmare.
I saw the flasks in person, 30 ft from Fish and Wildlife, or whichever group is the heavy hand. Shoulda, shoulda, shoulda....
Bob, great looking flowers, I am a sucker for Via Ojai and actually recently traded Hadley for the "Silvia" clone. The Don Egger is really nice. I have bloomed three, same parents as yours, and your comments are right on....very consistant high quality flower. Regards, Doug