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2 multi-growth Phrags, SF Bay Area

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Nov 7, 2016
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I'm a hobbyist, not a professional grower, so I prefer a local buyer rather than taking chances with packing and shipping. Anyone local-ish?

Phrag QF Naukana Kealoha (longifolium var. gracile x Incan Treasure)
QF=Quintal Farms, HI
1 already bloomed growth
2 mature growths, blooming size or close
1 young growth, 1 new growth
14" tall incl pot, 13" across
Incan Treasure = kovachii x longfolium

QF Naukana Kealoha bloom 2016, this plant

Naukana Kealoha, this plant's 2016 bloom

this is plant for sale

Phragmipedium Cotton Candy (Green Hornet 'Grasshopper' X Hanne Popow 'Tickled Pink')
Large plant, 6" pot, 18" tall incl. pot, 22" across
1 already bloomed growth
2 mature growths, should bloom within 12 months
Green Hornet = longifolium x pearcei; Hanne Popow = besseae x schlimii

Phrag Cotton Candy, this plant's flower 2016

2016, this plant's flower

This is the plant for sale

$50 each, $90 for both
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