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  1. S

    Paph. superbiens 'big brother' x 'Arden' AM/AMOS and reverse

    My huge Paphs have been in flower for weeks now and they just seem to keep getting bigger. The first photo with the less reflexed petals is the Big Brother x Arden and the other is Arden x Big Brother. I had to screen shot them to keep the photos from uploading sideways. Maybe to large a file?
  2. S

    Wanted seeking a true Paph. Superbiens (or link to seller)

    Hello everyone, I have been seeking a true Superbiens for a while and don't see anything other than curtisii and crosses. Does anyone have any sources or sell them themselves? Best, M
  3. DrLeslieEe

    Paphiopedilum superbiens var curtisii 'Big Boy' AM/AOS

    My superbiens got a whopping 88 points in the September monthly judging here in Toronto! I called him 'Big Boy' as the flower size is as big as the largest previously awarded ones and darker than most. Thanks to a good friend in US who helped me select this plant. As it is just a first bloom...