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  1. JamesC

    My First FCC to Phrag. Glen Decker

    February 17th 2024 was the monthly meeting of the Carolinas Judging Center and I was honored with my first FCC to a Phragmipedium Glen Decker I received from Sam Tsui just before he retired. She carried 4 flowers, 6 buds, and 2 spent bracts. She was scored 92pts. Thanks to judges Harry Gallis...
  2. DrLeslieEe

    Cattleya rex (Flamea) ‘Andean Treasure’ FCC/AOS

    We awarded this spectacular round and relatively flat 5 flowers on one inflorescence plant an FCC of 90 points today at the Lima show in Peru. Let me know why you think we did that lol. Note: the flamea part of name is more of a guide than actual true flamea. The flower presented with a...
  3. DrLeslieEe

    Sophronitis coccinea aurea ‘Masako Hanajima’ FCC/AOS

    This stunning bright yellow coccinea got an FCC at the Tamiami show. So round! Guess who bought the sister plants (plus 3 unbloomed sibs lol). * Had Francisco Miranda help confirmed and do a comparison in case I change my mind lol. What say my orchid friends here?
  4. DrLeslieEe

    Stanhoepa tigrina nigroviolacea ‘Black Widow’ FCC/AOS

    These flowers caught the attention of the judges at the Cali show here in Colombia. With 3 huge black flowers and an incredible sweet aroma that permeated the room, it betwitched us with its claws and cast a spell on all those who saw it. After an extensive research on past awards, we were...