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  1. Wendelin

    Happy Birthday, Wendelin!

    Thanks guys! Yes, I have had a nice day, and yes, the plants are there :) First plants I am going to sell off are a three leafed B. beccarii and a very nice, blooming size Paraphal serpentilingua because I will never be able to meet their needs. I'll post pictures these days so interested...
  2. Wendelin

    Greetings from Sydney, Australia

    Welcome Crashman! This forum is a great place to be a part of. :cool:
  3. Wendelin

    Europe only: 50 Orchids!, one parcel!!!

    I am sure before ending of this week it's gonna be christmas for me! :clap: Hurry up John Boy! :poke:
  4. Wendelin

    Europe only: 50 Orchids!, one parcel!!!

    Haha, I am quite sure the only lucky european will be me. :) I just raised the bid to 380,-€! I don't want to miss on that one. Surprisingly people here don't see a bargain even if it sits right on top of their nose! I can always sell the plants that will not fit my accomodations, right? :poke...
  5. Wendelin

    Mex -only single spike

    Love the pictures! Three flowers at the same time ist fantastic!
  6. Wendelin

    Europe only: 50 Orchids!, one parcel!!!

    Dear friends! I know John Boys collection and all I can say - each and every plant is worth at least 10 times as much! That's why I just raised the bid to a 250€ level in the german forum. I am not going to let this pass by without me trying my best :)
  7. Wendelin

    Paph. Lady Isabel SM/TPS

    My oh my, the lady ist stunning! :clap:
  8. Wendelin

    Another Lady Isabel

    Very nice! Makes me looking forward to the first bloom of my young plant in about 2 Years (hopefully)
  9. Wendelin

    Mexipedium xerophyticum Flasking....

    Wow - you've done a great job! Just a little longer and they'd have flowered inside there! ;)
  10. Wendelin

    Trichopilia suavis

    Very nice - love that speckling! :clap:
  11. Wendelin

    My Conservatory, a 2 year snap-shot

    Your mendelli is a real treasure!!!! Very beautiful and I love the dreamy Lip Close Up! :)
  12. Wendelin

    Trichopilia suavis var. alba

    Thank you all for your nice comments! The scent also is veeery pleasant! Roomfilling, although no sunshine in the moment, light, fresh pafume with distinct citrus notes and a hint of green grass. Which means....more plants need to be acquired ;0)
  13. Wendelin

    Paphiopedilum canhii in the wild

    Well done Sweet little thing! I love in situ pictures! :clap:
  14. Wendelin

    Trichopilia suavis var. alba

    I bought this young plant last year with three small bulbs and one 3 inch tall new growth. The Bulb matured very nicely spending the summer and early autumn on my balkony. Quite a few weeks ago I found two "things" emerging from the base of the bulb. Since this is my first Trichopilia it took me...
  15. Wendelin

    Some neo flowers

    Very well done , Tim! They are all very beautiful!!!