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  1. quiltergal

    New at growing slippers

    You are absolutely sure it bloomed from that growth?
  2. quiltergal

    Phrag. Joyce's Island Sunset

    That is very pretty! Great color
  3. quiltergal

    Phrag. Belle Hougue Point

    That is a tall dorsal! This is one of my favorite Phrags. I just love the color and the large flowers. Mine did not bloom this year, but it's busy putting out new growths so maybe in the fall.
  4. quiltergal

    New at growing slippers

    Hi Cheryl. Glad you found your way to ST. Can you post a picture of the Maud that shows the new leaf growing? I can't see it in the picture you posted. No it's not normal for a previously bloomed growth to resume growing.
  5. quiltergal

    Most expensive and best deal?

    My most expensive plant is Paph. William Ambler @ $65. My best deals are a Phrag. Grande (or Paul Eugene Conroy depending on who you talk to) and a Paph. Lynleigh Koopowitz @ $ 3 ea. I'm kind of cheap and have never paid more than $75 for a single plant. :D
  6. quiltergal

    Paph niveum

    Great looking niveum! Love your display pot too.
  7. quiltergal

    Paph. Ho Chi Minh

    Thanks everyone! :o I plan to give K-Lite a try as soon as I use up the rest of my MSU.
  8. quiltergal

    Phrag. Suzanne Decker

    That's very nice. Amazing color!
  9. quiltergal

    Paph. Ho Chi Minh

    This was my very first Paph. purchased many years ago. It was originally labeled as delenatii, but was later identified by an AOS judge as Ho Chi Minh. It has always been a good bloomer but this year outdid itself. Normally it carries just 2 flowers. This year there are 3. I'm not sure if all 3...
  10. quiltergal

    Pacific Orchid Exposition

    Eric I got the tags confused. The tranliemianum is from Miao Hua. The fairre's tag has no grower name but the number starts with Z. Is that OZ?
  11. quiltergal

    Paph liemianum

    So if the cillia are not red does that mean mine is a hybrid, and if so with what? The cillia on mine are pale.
  12. quiltergal

    Virus in Paphs & Phrags

    Thanks very much everyone for your feedback. :)
  13. quiltergal

    Virus in Paphs & Phrags

    This is probably a dumb question but are Paphs and Phrags susceptible to common orchid viruses such as ORSV & CymSV? I can't remember ever reading that someone suspected their Paph/Phrag had a virus. :o
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    I'm liking that one a lot!
  15. quiltergal

    Paph liemianum

    One of my favorite species. Mine finally finished blooming about a month ago.