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  1. KateL

    Phrag Akela

    Hi Angela, Well, it certainly did not pick up that deep saturated red, but you gotta love all those flowers! (I could not find a Phrag. cross named Akela, which is why I asked.)
  2. KateL

    Rare phrag near to bloom

    Angela - You are right (of couse). Pittston Farm is a Bill Goldner (Woodstream) cross between Jersey and klotzschianum.
  3. KateL

    Rare phrag near to bloom

    Time for an updated photo? Very healthy looking plant!
  4. KateL

    Phrag Akela

    Hi Richard, Well done! Is is possible that the name is Phrag. QF Akela? (Eric Young x Rouge Bouillon)
  5. KateL

    Phrag, Fox Valley Fireball 'Birchwood' AM/AOS

    Gorgeous, Tom! Excellence never gets old.
  6. KateL

    Cattleya violacea semialba flamea ‘OmG’

    Well done. I find C. violacea particularly difficult.
  7. KateL

    So exiting! I am getting my heated greenhouse, I have just dug the trenches, I hope it is going to be worth the effort.

    Exciting! What size? What is your natural temperature range and what is your “plan”?
  8. KateL

    Phrag Demetria

    Demetria has a long-petalled parent (caudatum). For me, those a bit harder to bloom. They like a bit more light than some other phrags. Good luck!
  9. KateL

    Three Phrags

    Bravo! I always enjoy blooming richteri, in particular, with its perfect tight little spirals.
  10. KateL

    Cattleya forbesii " Hotzheit x Goldlip"

    I concur. That’s a lovely forbesii! (I have one, but it is of the more drab persuasion.)
  11. KateL

    Phragmipedium lindenii

    Well done! I have found these to be challenging. Mine are limping along, no flowers yet. Sigh.
  12. KateL

    Paphiopedilum helenae

    Glad to hear all is well! I miss your posts, but completely understand how life keeps coming at you!! Gorgeous helenae!!!
  13. KateL

    My First FCC!!

    Well done! Congratulations!! Magnificent!!!
  14. KateL

    …And how’s your week been?

    I am sorry for your loss. I know how much I love my son, even though he has his issues, and I cannot imagine how hard it would be to walk in your shoes.
  15. KateL

    Arthur A. Chadwick’s passing

    Very sad news. A life well lived and a passion beautifully shared with so many. I feel grateful, as well as sad, hoping his family can take some comfort in the many blessings he left behind.