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Nov 14, 2022
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I just had the flowers open on two inflorescences. The parents are Zygo. Arthur Elle x Zygo. Skippy Ku. These are 8-9cm. wide and are very colorful and fragrant. Fragrant is a slight understatement! Every morning the entire plan

The fragrance is floral, kind of reminds me of Lily-Of-The-Valley.
I have about twelve Zygo in my collection and I am starting to repot them. Many are root bound and need attention. When I removed them from the pot, there is a tremendous root system! Reminds me of Cymbidiums.
I am growing these evenly moist and a little on the cool side. I never let them approach dryness.
They do not appear to hold leaves very long, a year and a half maximum. I am using a media of sphagnum moss, seedling bark, charcoal and perlite.
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I have often heard that when discussing cooler growing orchids, “bred for warmth tolerance”. Masdevallia is another group where we hear that term applied often. I don’t know whether that can easily be attained. Or, is this just simply what we hope will happen???
I decided to try a few hoping they would do well under lights. And since I am in a somewhat cooler climate, maybe they will produce for me.
I am learning how to grow these by “ the seat of my pants”.
They seem to love moisture. Not sloppy wet but never dry.
These produce copious amounts of roots. I have repotted three so far because they had filled the pot with roots. Once I slipped them out of the pot, their massive root systems had taken on the shape of the pot. Solid masses of roots. I have trimmed off roots, say the bottom 1/3 in some instances in order to try to keep them some what ‘contained’. Old media seem to consist of fine charcoal, fine perlite and sphagnum. I am using sphagnum along with seedling bark, seedling charcoal and perlite. Because of the large root systems I am using plastic pots with a taller profile. Plastic holds more moisture. I water about once every five days. I really SOAK them.
I have had a few produce new growths, grow out and flower since I had them. This Jumpin Jack only took 3 months to flower after starting new growths. Light is somewhere around halfway between Oncidium and Cattleya light. I fertilize about every other watering.

Any other questions, feel free to message me.
In the meantime I will post what new things I learn.

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