Who uses both MSU and the OL Jungle ferts?

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What in your honest opinion is the difference?
Results from either?
Better roots from one? Better foliage (sp?) from one?
Pro's and cons?

:rollhappy: Lots o' questions!
I don't think you can effectively answer this question unless you find someone who has conducted side by side studies in their own greenhouses with large groups of related plants.

But I grow about 60 species of paphs and phrags. I've only been growing since 2001 but I still have many of my original plants. Although I will tell you that I use the MSU fertilizer, I think that humidity/temperature and airflow are more important than my choice of fertilizer.

In my opinion I would rank fertilizer choice below maintaining proper light levels, watering strategy, and potting mix selection (in that order).
That's pretty much what I need.

Sure all elements have to be correct but I'm on ferts. now.
Jacks formulated his current fertilizer after being introduced to MSU's. Just so you know.
Thanks Dot! That's an interesting tidbit to know!
I've heard people swear by both products. I personally rotate brands, there's variety in nature so why not.
I've used both. I believe [you can ask the manufacturer here] that the OL formula contains the micro-nutrients found in the MSU formula. I switched from MSU because the plants from OL are undeniably well grown and I believe the fertilizer is a factor.

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