What is the approximate wingspan of a mature Paphiopedilum 'Woluwense'?

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May 7, 2010
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France (zone 8)
Hello all,

Everything is said in the title! ;) What is the approximate wingspan of a mature flowering size Paphiopedilum 'Woluwense'?

Thanks or your help.
There are some 13 AOS awards to woluwnese that I just found in a quick database search. Average flower count was 2.5 and the average natural spread ( width or wingspan ) was 13.0 cm.
There are some 13 AOS awards to woluwnese that I just found in a quick database search. Average flower count was 2.5 and the average natural spread ( width or wingspan ) was 13.0 cm.
Thank you very much 👍

Is 13 cm width for the whole plant or for one leaf? My Woluwense is around 25 cm width! Maybe it is mislabeled?

And where may I find the database you're talking about please?

Many thanks.
The width of an average flower that was awarded.
Leaf length is an indicator that the growths are nearing maturity. Between the growths, leaves and roots, they make up plant strength.
It is not a simple matter of blooming with a 20” leafspan, and not blooming with an 18” leafspan. And things are never that cut and dry.

The access to the database is free with every AOS membership.
Ok, thank you, I understand better now. 👍

However, even if the size of the plant is obviously not sufficient to determine if it is capable of flowering or not, and if it is necessary to take into account the other parameters that you mention, I would like to know if my plant is close adult size or not. I suppose so, since it has already produced several suckers, but I would like to have confirmation from those who have it and who have managed to make it flower. ;)

Here is my plant.
Paphiopedilum Woluwense_FB.jpg
HI all, thank you for your answers. Yes I know it has a reputation for being difficult to make flower. And I must admit that this is partly what made me want to buy it. ;) Now, I only have to wait 15 or 20 years (if I'm lucky!) to admire its flowers. 🙃
Beautiful plant, even without flowers :D . You might need to trigger it into flowering somehow, but I have no idea for this type of hybrid how you best might do that. I noticed that a lot of my paphs seem to be triggered by decreased day length / cooler / dryer conditions.

But I wouldn't dare to say that is appropriate for this hybrid, hopefully someone with more experience with these multi / brachy hybrids can offer some good advice.
Hi all, thank you all for your help. I will try to increase the light first, then try the shoe box under the bed if it doesn't work! 😊
I’ve managed to set buds on this and Dolgoldii but they always blast. It seems to set buds after a period of about 3 weeks of big temp swings day-to-night, plus drying out to the point of noticeable wilt, then a thorough soaking to rehydrate. Buds get about halfway, then quit when weather gets hot. I just gave it away to someone with a greenhouse who loved the leaves. Mine was about this big but only two live growths.
You know, it is hard to figure why they are reluctant to bloom.
Niveum is not particularly hard to flower. If you grow Brachypetalums, niveum will do well for most people.
Then look at Rothschildianum. That is not particularly difficult either. It just blooms differently because it is from a much more different group within Paphiopedilum. Much bigger plants, more light, a bit drier, much larger root system, etc.

So what does that tell me? Well to be honest since so many growers have trouble flowering them after growing them, it could be caused by maturity in terms of plant size. Choice number 2, it takes more light then we think. Lastly, choice 3, the genes of these two species do not “mesh well” for some reason.
I don’t know what else to say people!!
Thanks all again for your tips. I placed my plant in a more bright place, I will see. If it doesn't work, I will try the big temperature swings day-to-night. ;-)

If I succeed, be sure that you will now ! 😄

Best regards.
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